Calais sans Supermarché

Calais in May – I went on holiday by mistake,  ended up on a ferry. I love coming up with imaginary band names, the best ones also sound like racehorses…ferry accross the Urquhart

Who could resist:

Gristie Mills – Bodge Project – Abject Sympathy – Mighty Clown – Idiot Sway – Synch Hips + DJs – Fudge Knuckles – Sputnik Frame

and to round the night off…

Bonjour Nuit


Then I ended up here for…

Flim Flam

Iron Paws, Hoof Batter, Loud Tie Silky Draws + Djs Creme de Fleme, Box Fart Mad Ron Ron

The sad solo project that is… Glass Wheelchairs. Accompanied on the organ of hate by… Brass Fax, Babs & Trish, Foresters Revenge, Flim Flam, Flabby Top, Curb Toe, Shooting The Missus, Foe Real, Shitz on Slitz, Sub Urbane, Steam Function and Flamboyant Cuffs

Then I came home. It was good to be in France, a place where journalism is still an honourable offence.