Portsmouth Lectures 16th / 17th March

I’m down in Portsmouth on the 16th & 17th March talking to creative students at Portsmouth University in revamped version of the Fear, Paranoia & Money lectures to fit in with their unit on ‘creative platforms’.
Anyone else about down there, get in touch.

Pre lecture reading (I’ll add as I find…)
Article on personal branding from Design Taxi
‘The brand called you’ by Tom Peters
‘ Young Adults Naive About Their Working Future’
‘Money Spinners’ taken from Guardian May 2008 by Joanne Christie

A great idea…A website that matches students to paid work experience: Student Gems

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  1. Elliott Sweeney

    thanks very much for coming down to portsmouth for the talk on tuesday i learned a lot from it!

    please check out my blog elliottsweeney.blogspot.com

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